Why you should plan for your 90 day challenge.

Hello dear challenger, since this article took your attention, I think you’re going to begin a (any number) day challenge, and for this reason I want to give you some advice and also some reasons on why you should plan for your 90-day challenge.

First of all, let talk a bite on what is a 90-day challenge, we can say it’s a period of time where you follow a work-out routine and also a diet to reach at the end of it to the result you wanted and if you want to get the best results you have to know some tips that you have to know and work with during your challenge days.

1- Make sure you keep going.

You can’t say it’s a fail if you didn’t complete all of your challenge days, so you have to keep in mind that you need to complete what you have started until the end, and in order of that try to make some of your friends or any person go in the road with you and make small challenges between you and him.

And make in your mind if you stopped your work-out for 4 to 5 days cause your sick or you had some event you have to go don’t get depressed, you can keep going normally when that period is over, and don’t let that time destroys the rest of what you have done, just keep going.

2- Watch your progress the right way.

The biggest mistake that anyone can do is to watch his progress by only using the scall, and to be honest with you using scall only is such a dumb thing cause you’re not only losing weight you may be also gaining muscles, so to watch your progression the right way they to take pictures of you every week or every 3 days and compare every picture with the previous one, in this way you will be able to keep watching your body how is doing.

3- Don’t go without a program, set a workout routine.

This step is the most dangerous thing that can destroy your challenge, if you know your body you can set a routine of work-out and diet to go with it, but if you don’t know how your body works then am will have to ask you please invest some money and go to a pro, he will set you a full plan to go with it, and I promise you won’t regret the money you gave but you will regret the effort you gave in the wrong way.

4- Don’t make impossible targets for yourself.

What I mean here if you’re 130KG don’t make your goal to reach 70 by the end of your 90 days, try to seat a goal that you believe you can do it, if we take 130KG 105 KG will be a great result if we take into count the amount of muscles you will gain and also the fact that this mission is actually a hard mission, so avoid big targets to feel comfort in the end by the result you got.

And also an important thing I have to mention, never makes your goal is losing weight in a specific area as the stomach area or in hips cause this is another stupid myth about weight loss if you want to lose weight you will do it but all over your body not only in specific areas.

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