Do you want to be prepared for the summer? this article is for you.

Who doesn't want to look attractive in the summer? Or at least in good shape? For this reason, we have to mention some tips for you on how to do that.

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But first, we must say that if you don't make any progress before the summer, you can't expect significant results. Therefore, preparing for the summer must start at least two months before the summer arrives; otherwise, you will see only small development, but better than nothing.

1- Keep your exercise routine.

If you have a workout routine, doesn't make any change to it, such as changing the exercises or making the workout more straightforward; if you want to make a change, try to make it more challenging but with the same activities.

Changing a workout may not give you any results, and when you're preparing for it, you must avoid this mistake.

2- Add more cardio.

Run more, do jump rope, add more steps, or any other cardio you want and the most important thing you like.

In the summer, you have to also focus on making your muscles appear. For this reason, you will have to add some more cardio to your day.

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3- Wear the best cloth for you.

You may have a great body shape but kill everything by choosing lousy cloth. For example, when you wear an extensive shirt, your upper muscles won't appear, and also, the wrong colours will make people avoid looking at you, and they will not notice your body.

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4- Make a HIIT workout.

HIIT is a kind of workout that is known that he is doing your cardiovascular work very hard, by some intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.

Which helps you to lose body fat and makes you burn more fat in a short time, and also, HIIT help to increase your metabolism, which makes you lose fat even during your rest time.

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5- Prepare as mister Olympia.

If you're used to seeing Mister Olympia or other concepts and shows, you must have noticed their high sharpness level, but how did they get to that level?

There is a golden week before that, called Peak Week. During this time, athletes make a special diet with 0 carbs, less water, and Aerobic exercises. And it's a tough week even for pro athletes, but if you want to get your summer to the next level, you must go through this process.

6- Eat fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables have a lot of great benefits, especially when it comes to weight loss.

- Stimulating and activating the metabolic processes in the body.

- Curb appetite and reduce the desire to eat.

- Reducing the amount of food eaten daily.

- Help in getting rid of flatulence. Who wants to go to the beach with an ugly stomach?

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7- Drink a lot of water, BUT!

Drinking more water during summertime, it's not only for weight loss but also for better health, drought, and all of the other things that can happen to you if you don't drink your water.

And also, drinking water help in losing weight if you drink at specific times, such as before your meals which helps to make you feel full, stimulate metabolism, and suppress the appetite.

BUT! if you're during your peak week, you have to see your trainer or a nutritionist, and he will tell you how you will deal with the water problem.

8- Stretch and fix your body.

Well, you have a great body but are not in great shape. Maybe you have some problems with your bone shape, especially your spinal column. It may have curves at the top of the end and will give you the lock of an older man.

To fix this problem, you need to do some stretch exercises and fix the trouble to make you look healthy and get more confidence in your shape.

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