How to build muscle mass and burn fat at the same time.

The mass period is the period of getting muscles and fat together, which isn't correct at all cause there is a way to build your muscles and burn the fat in your body.

build muscles and burn fat

Building muscles and burning fat, or as it it's known with the clean mass, is a method used by fitness and bodybuilder experts; during the clean mass process, you will have to follow some tips to get your muscles without getting fat, and we will speak about those tips here :

1- Watch your diet and avoid sugar and fast foods.

Your diet must be clean, which means no sugar and no fast food cause you will need only quality calories, and it's a horrible idea to ruin the diet by snacking and consuming sugar. 

Drink your morning coffee without sugar instead, use other alternatives such as Honey Cinnamon ...etc

And if you could also don't eat between meals, nothing at all, this will make your diet even better.

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2- Add extra cardio session.

If you do cardio for one day a week, try to make it two or even three days and keep bulking exercises, but make sure to avoid high-intensity cardio and make low-intensity cardio. 

Like that, you will improve your heart, help you recover fast, and make you burn calories.

Besides, you will feel less stress if you do cardio; this will help you to keep going and stick to it.

3- Go on a calorie-deficit diet.

A calorie deficit diet means you have to eat less than your body needs, and if you wonder, how am I supposed to bulk? Trust me, a considerable number of people those days are bulking with a calorie-deficit diet, and it's working, but only if you're already fat. 

You will have to go on a deficit calorie diet, and also you will have to eat only quality calories, no sugar at all, and more proteins and healthy fats, and if you would like, take some vitamin supplements such as omega3 and creatine.

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4- Don't bulk for so long.

Train hard, yea but also don't train for an extended time; as we have mentioned, you're now going on a diet and not on a free eating period.

Stop here at This point cause it is very important if you want to get what you wish; make sure to exercise as usual and don't overtrain; you may lose muscles instead of gaining new ones.

5- make sure to have enough rest.

Take some rest and have 8 or 9 hours of sleep; if you don't sleep, you will never get the results that you want, during sleep the body heals the damaged and the ripped muscles, so make sure to have your sleep hours to have the results you wish and train.

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