About us.

 Fat Burn WIKI

This website is created by Merouane Benlefki a workout and fat burn lover, he started his story of losing weight in 2014 and got a great amount of knowledge that he came to share here on this website with all love.

What can this website provide?

Many articles will be shared here about a lot of topics which are all under the domain of losing weight and burning fat.

Home section: here you will find all articles in one place without any filters 

Men section: you will find the articles which are specifically made for the men's gender, cause of the difference in hormones between men and women.

Women section: the other gender section you can find here lady what you need in order to succeed in your weight-loss trip.

Diet section: this one where you can find articles that are talking about food that you may need and also some diet plans for you.

Tips section: here you will find articles that provide you with some tips and tricks that will make your trip a bit easier.

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